uncodeference.io '20

May 2020 · Wattens, AT


The software engineering unconference in the heart of Tyrol (Austria)



The Conference

The uncodeference is a place to learn, meet new friends, share ideas and have lots of fun. We wanna provide the best place for a true unconference experience. We want to connect people and build a place where thoughts and experiences can be exchanged in the most awesome way.

From our last year's experience this worked pretty well and this year we wanna bring this idea further. That's the reason why the conference might seem as a 3-day event. We've got

  • the un<meet>up on Thursday the 9th
  • the un{code}ference on Friday the 10th
  • and the (un)hike on Saturday the 11th.

Just to make sure, the main event takes place on Friday the 10th and this is also the date a ticket is needed. The un<meet>up and the (un)hike are satellite events for the community, we would be really happy if you join in, but it's completely up to you!

The Venue

Werkstätte Wattens is an international business and creative centre for founders, startups, movers & shakers and service providers at various stages of development. They focus on technology, innovation, and the creation of regional value and sustainable growth.

Address: Weisstraße 9, 6112 Wattens, Austria

The Meetup

Due to the great feedback of last year's uncodeference we decided to convert the formerly known ReactJS Tirol meetup into the un<meet>up and broadened up it's topics to software engineering in general.
Because of it being grown out of the uncodeference we decided to host it this year alongside the uncodeference as a satellite event. For more info and RSVP please visit our GitHub repository  where everything is organized by the community! We are looking forward to see you there!

The (Un)Hike

We are currently test-hiking, just a few more days and we will present the route(s)!

Code of Conduct

All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our conference are required to agree with the Conference Code of Conduct. We expect cooperation from all participants to help ensure a safe environment for everybody.

Last Year

60 Developers

8 Countries

6 Rooms

40 Talks


What is an unconference?

The unconference* format creates space for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and creativity.

At the start, the whole group will gather together and be guided through creating an agenda using open space technology. The exact process is not important to understand in advance – the process will become clear as it happens. The important part is that all those gathered will have the opportunity to put conference sessions on the agenda. No session will be voted off or ‘won’t happen’ for some other reason. All sessions are welcome!

The sessions convened will range from the formal to the informal:

  • From the well thought out pre-prepared talk reflecting years of research and practice to the spur of the moment ‘new idea’ that would be fun to talk about.
  • From the demonstration of a working tool to the whiteboarding of something completely new.

Read more about it here.

How can I support the event?

Our projects are open source, feel free to check out the repos in GitHub and propose any change.

How can I go to Wattens?

  • Public Transport: Either take the train from Innsbruck Main Station to Fritzens/Wattens or go by bus to Wattens City Centre. Either option will take you around 50min. If you take the train you will have to walk around 1.5km.
  • Car: There are parking spots you can use at the Werkstätte. It will take you around 20min if you drive from Innsbruck to Wattens by car.
  • Shuttle Service: We will provide a free shuttle service from Innsbruck to Wattens for around 50 people.

You've got even more questions?

Check out our GitHub FAQs  or hit us up on Twitter.



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Gronda: Organization

Werkstätte Wattens: Venue

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